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On August 21, 2017 Franklin, NC will be one of the few communities that will experience a total solar eclipse in western North Carolina.  "The Great American Solar Eclipse" will peak for 2 1/2 minutes over Franklin, North Carolina.

With all that is offered from a lodging, culinary and community perspective, Franklin will be the premiere location in western North Carolina to view the solar eclipse.  Not only will hikers be able to utilize the back country trails of Macon County to get a front row view of the solar eclipse, individuals can also drive some of the most well known high mountain roads to get a glimpse of this once in a lifetime solar eclipse.

Here are some of the details to ensure you get the best viewing of the eclipse:

Latitude: 35° 10' 56" N Longitude: 83° 22' 54" W
Duration of Totality: 2m 30s Partial phase start: 1:06:44PM (EDT), at "1:30 o'clock" on the sun's disk
Totality Start*: 2:35:24PM (EDT)


What items are needed to view the eclipse?

Sun Screen
All day exposure in the sun means you need to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays!

Don't let your head, ears or face get burnt.  Cover up your head!

A nice area to sit will make the event so much more enjoyable.  Make sure you bring a blanket that is big enough to spread out on for the duration of the the eclipse.

Standard sunglasses do not offer protection for your eyes for viewing the eclipse, but they will help you to be able to see outside before the eclipse starts.

Eclipse Viewing Glasses
You MUST have these to watch the partial phases of the eclipse. They can pre-purchased from Outdoor 76, get them now! Our glasses will feature specials offers that can only be purchased right here!

You will probably be out all day in the sun.  Stay hydrated is extremely important!

Keep Safe!

  • Never look at the Sun directly without protective eye gear. Even sunglasses cannot protect your eyes from the damage the Sun's rays can do to them.
  • Always keep your back towards the Sun while looking at a pinhole projection.
  • Do not look at the Sun through the pinhole.


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