Junior Ranger Program

 Outdoor 76 Junior Ranger

We believe the best way to preserve our public lands is to educate our local youth on the pivotal role they can play in preservation. At O76, youth can complete different activities at their own pace, send in their activity sheets for review, and accumulate points to receive Junior Ranger Rewards and an official Junior Ranger Certificate from Outdoor 76. Junior Rangers are typically between the ages of 5 to 13, but we encourage all ages to participate. We’re ready to HAVE FUN and LEARN!

Not only can Junior Rangers earn points from activity sheets, but they can also continue earning additional rewards by participating in a variety of O76 approved outdoor activities. To earn additional rewards, complete each outdoor activity 5 times, and then document it by listing location, date and time. 

Redeemable outdoor activities include: 

  • Forest Fun: Play outside in the woods, play disc golf, build a fort, fly a kite, help plant a garden or dig for gems in the soil.
  • Aquablazer: Fish, swim, canoe, kayak, paddle board, ride in a boat, snorkel or take a walk along a creek / river.
  • Trailblazer: hike, bike, ride a horse, or walk your dog along a trail.
  • Stewardship: Help pick up trash, remove invasive plants, recycle bottles and cans from your home, plant trees or help the local forest service with trail maintenance.
  • Camp Out: Spend the night outdoors on a trail, in a campground, in a tent or an RV.


Field Notes - Plants

Food Chain - Whats For Dinner


Birds - Woodpecker Forest

Mammals - Different Kinds

Plants - No Shrub Layer


Worms, Insects and Spiders

Reptiles and Amphibians

Invasive Species - Space Invaders

Water - Nature Recycles



Outdoor Art Creator / Eco-Friend

Litter Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Art Creator / Eco-Learner

Rockefeller Loop Trail Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Art Explorer / Eco-Camper

Who were the Maroons?

Life of a Fire Love

Are You Me? And Be a Box Turtle

Points scale for rewards:

50 points = Sticker, magnet, keychain and certificate of completion

75 points = Outdoor 76 logo water bottle (plus 50 point reward)

100 points = Outdoor 76 t-shirt or hat (plus 50 point reward)

150 points = $30 gift card to Outdoor 76 (plus 50 point reward)

Each activity sheet was made possible by the Georgia and North Carolina state park systems and is worth 5 points! Points are accumulated based on total activities completed. Youth can redeem their points for different rewards. Only youth under the age of 13 are eligible for rewards. Points can only be redeemed once and points are non-transferable, limited to one reward per person.

 Once you have completed all activities and are ready to claim your reward, simply submit your "activity log" to Outdoor 76 via email at: [email protected]